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We enable companies to define a successful sales strategy and design a knowledge-transfer-driven Organization  


VALUE-EXPERIENCE Sales Enablement is about developing and living a strategic, organizational, and cultural framework that empowers and enables the sales team to discover, create and deliver value for customers and to ensure sustainable growth of the business. ​

On the operational side, it means providing content, mapping out a value-creating sales process and ensuring skill- and knowledge development of the team members to enable the sales team in creating valuable customer experiences.


We take a holistic view of all determining factors of success. We work with our clients to develop a system where all parts are aligned in order to achieve strategic goals and master individual challenges. E.g.:


“Reveal an outstanding problem to show the outstanding value of the solution.”

A value proposition is outstanding when a deep understanding of customer needs meets with a solution that creates value and reduces risks.


Value Propositions of innovation address unknown problems and create visions about how the customers’ job can be done in an incomparable way.  


MOONFLYER works with cross-functional teams of the company for designing their outstanding value proposition and transforming this into all touchpoints of the customer journey


“Focus and don’t hunt every target in the market”

The clearer the profile of a high-potential customer is, the less time and energy the team needs in talking to the wrong industry, company, business unit, or person.


Developing a high-potential customer profile leads to a better setting of goals, a higher forecast accuracy, more efficient allocation of resources, and a better development of the product and service.

Profiling goes beyond industry and company sizes. It includes the culture, strategy, and structure of companies and considers the mindset of the people involved in the purchasing process.


MOONFLYER develops profiling criteria that supports customer segmentation and a focused market development.


"Use data to understand the skills of your team and your sales pipeline"

An efficient and flexible allocation of resources, skills, personalities, and capacities are key for sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.

Goals, KPIs, initiatives, and commission systems must align with the challenges. To do so, meaningful and analyzable data needs to be collected. The sales pipeline stages have to be well defined. The collected data and information must be translated into relevant reports in order to understand the real situation of the sales pipeline and the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

MOONFLYER supports analyzing and developing the goal-, performance-, and commission-system.


"Create an Organization that fosters knowledge-transfer"

Strong sales teams work with structured processes and intelligent tools to manage sales pipelines, create forecasts, and share knowledge.


They work in an agile culture and organization with flat hierarchy that fosters collaboration, transparency, and an ongoing improvement of the customer experience.

MOONFLYER supports the implementation of tools and processes that continuously allows improving the sales team performance.

Sales Team Training


We enable your team to bring strategy into action 

Being a sales rep in a young company who is selling innovative products or services to enterprises comes with different challenges than in sales of established brands. Innovative products and services are in a permanent beta-version, case-studies are rare, and performance metrics are often not comparable to existing solutions. At the same time sales managers are dealing with hierarchic, bureaucratic, and inflexible enterprises with complex decision processes. 

Sales means managing two types of customer value experiences: 

Product experience:

Outlining the significance of a problem to solve, clearly showing the value of the solution, and managing imaginative and using experiences.

Buying experience: 

Guiding customers through the maze of a complex decision-making process and helping customers to change by fostering motivations and reducing perceived risks and objections.

To succeed, sales managers have to develop skills and knowledge that allow them to create needs, take control of the buying process, and manage their sales pipelines efficiently.

We offer workshops (virtual and onsite) to develop experience managers, buying guides, and sales pipeline managers.


“Stop asking pre-scripted questions, start managing experiences.”

Outperforming sales people ask questions to understand, not to answer. They don't ask about needs. Instead, they understand needs and open the customers' view for new challenges. 

In conversations they focus on discovering and creating value, managing expectations, establishing trust, and reducing risks and the complexity of buying.


They enable decisions by providing valuable content and information at any step of the buying process instead of killing decisions by overloading and confusing customers.

MOONFLYER trains sales reps in developing conversation-, presentation- and negotiation skills to make buying easy and enjoyable.  


“Get into the driver’s seat and guide customers through the maze of decision making”

The buying process influences the customer's buying experience. 

Purchasing in enterprises is a complex and multidimensional system involving a buying group with often contrary interests.

For converting prospects into paid customers, outperforming sales people understand the buying process and know what is needed to move opportunities step-by-step.


MOONFLYER supports sales reps in guiding customers by analyzing the process, revealing obstacles, and developing step-by-step action plans.


"Start forecasting, stop documenting"

Outperforming managers understand that qualifying (and out-qualifying) opportunities is a relevant success factor. They don't hang on to deals that are destined to go nowhere in the belief that abandoning them would lower the value of their sales pipeline.

Thereby they use their own and the team resources more efficiently and at the same time contribute to a better forecast accuracy. 

Furthermore, they use CRM tools for integrating structured and valuable information instead of filling it with the documentation of irrelevant facts. 

Structured data integration is the premise for a smart analysis of the customers' behavior. 


MOONFLYER helps sales reps in collecting relevant data and information and to understand relevant factors determining the quality of opportunities.

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