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"COVID-19, Technology and generations change the way we work, so adapt your requirements."


The culture, structure, and strategy of selling and buying companies is changing continuously. The way of sales is changing. Communication tools are changing. Millennials are taking over key positions on the buyers and the sellers side.

A holistic, structured assessment regards multiple dimensions such as the following:

  • mindset (e.g. curiosity, creativity, flexibility, collaboration) 

  • skillset (customer management excellence: prospecting, pitching, objection management, negotiation)

  • toolset (using new technologies for communication and customer management )

  • assets (network and experience)

  • appearance (body language, style, eloquence)

  • knowledge (e.g.buying system, sales pipeline management)

In addition it regards capabilities to create valuable content and handle different communication channels appropriate in order to make buying easy and enjoyable.

MOONFLYER develops an individual assessment center according to the specific needs and accompanies companies in the hiring and on-boarding process. 

"Start paying for skills, not for customer opportunities"

Statistics show that in complex solution selling, there is a gap between high and low performers over 200 percent. 

However, what makes a sales person become an

out-performer? Do they have better skills or just 

valuable territories?


A regular analysis of assets, skills, knowledge, capacity, as well as the territory and opportunity situation of the team is key to ensure sustainable growth.


MOONFLYER runs individual team assessments and  develops team progress plans.

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