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We enable companies

to create sustainable 

experiences of value in complex BtB environments



Help customers to change by creating sustainable experiences of value

We live in a world shaped by innovation, technology, and data.

Every day, business customers receive offers that solve known or as yet unknown challenges. The continually growing number of opportunities comes along with an overload of information and leads more and more to decision uncertainties.

At the same time, business customers are complex entities. They are determined by strategies, structures, and cultures and by individuals in the buying center who pursue different (personal) goals and motivations. These are often controversial.

Risk aversion is on the rise. Nobody wants to be responsible for a wrong decision. Because the purchase of innovative solutions usually has far-reaching consequences and results.


Customers not only have to decide to buy, but they also have to decide to change.

Customers are only motivated to change if the perceived value of the change is higher than the perceived risk.


Providers, therefore, face new challenges. In Sales, it is becoming more and more essential to support the customer in triggering this motivation to change and to make the decision to change feel right in the long run.


Value-Experience Sales (VES) is a methodology based on creating sustainably valuable customer experiences and thus helping BtB customers to change.

MOONFLYER enables Sales Teams in creating sustainably valuable customer experiences

Our Work


Young, fast-growing companies are demanding authentic and charismatic (sales) leaders who focus on empowering and enabling their teams to manage customer experiences.

We work with sales leaders to create a flexible, transparent, and collaborative framework and develop a performance system that fosters knowledge transfer and allows a goal-oriented allocation of skills and resources.

We offer online and onsite coachings 


We turn talent into performance.


Selling innovative solutions to enterprises changes the requirements for sales managers. A deep understanding of buying systems in enterprises and effective management of sales pipelines is a precondition.

Handling various interests within a company is a sales manager's daily business. Providing valuable content that creates needs and reduces risks is a crucial factor for success.


We enable and empower sales managers in becoming value experience managers, buying guides, and sales pipeline managers to improve their rates in winning and retaining customers.

We offer online coachings and training in Virtual Classrooms as well as on-site. 


Finding people with the required mindset, experience, skills, and knowledge is like searching for a needle in a haystack.


A structured assessment process for leadership roles and team members avoids costly personnel decisions mistakes. 

At the same time a regular assessment of skills, capacity, and funnel behavior supports an efficient allocation and development of resources and skills.

We develop assessments of potential candidates and existing team members that are customized for the individual requirements of a company. 


The best way to learn is to learn from experiences. 

In the Moonflyer videocast we talk with founders, sales leaders, and sales managers about their experiences, challenges, and best cases in selling innovative products and services to enterprises.

We want to show their perception on a new way of sales and how they get rid of old methods and patterns that worked for established brands in the old economy.

About Moonflyer


In 2018 I started MOONFLYER, a sales enablement company.

I support companies in implementing and living the Value Experience BtB Sales Methodology

Zdenka Vesely 

Certified Business Coach BZTB


Ten years marketing & sales for established brands such as Helena Rubinstein, VOGUE and InStyle in "old economy-companies" like L'Oréal, Condé Nast and Burda. 

Eight years of responsibility for growing business and enabeling the sales team of, a young fast growing digital media/health company selling innovative communication and data analytics solutions to the Pharma Industry. 

Five years of coaching and consulting startups in BtB Sales and Commercial Startegies 

Therteen years sales of visions, values, and beliefs to my children. ​

About Moonflyer
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